Fashion Show Soundtrack with Elektron boxes, OB6 & UDO Supersix

It was fantastic to do the soundtrack for this show as everything was flawless from the collection, to the casting, to the production - & Alessandra and her team were super cool and a lot of fun.

We used our normal “live” workflow where we do the soundtrack as a live takes using hardware and the computer is used as a capture device and then edited for length depending on the number of looks.

Gear we used for this soundtrack: Elektron’s Analog Rytm, Analog 4, and Analog Keys. On bass duties was the Sequential OB6 and additional synth lines were done on the UDO Super Six. We also used the Akai Force for some longer samples instead of the Octatrack.

Everything was mixed/played live through the PlayDifferently Model1 mixer and recorded as a stereo file.


Memories of The Clothes Show