Faulty tempo response when switching BANKS w/ TEMPO PER PATTERN mode ACTIVE

Hello elektronauts,

i’m building a live set on my OT MKII on OS1.40A but i’m having a really significant issue:

with the Tempo Per Pattern setting enabled, when i switch from one pattern of one bank to another (ex: from A16 (150BPM) to B01 (160BPM), or B16 (160BPM to C01(160BPM)) the first pattern going in will play at 120 BPM even if it’s showing the assigned BPM for that pattern (160 in my case), when later switching to another pattern it will now be played at the right tempo (EX B01 (160BPM) TO B02 (160BPM)).
at this point if i go back to the first pattern of the current bank (B02 to B01) it will play correctly, so it’s not a pattern related issue…

before you ask: yes, i have double checked each pattern tempo setting and they’re correct (…)
i’ve also tried using the arranger row bpm (correctly working when switching patterns w different tempos) and for sure it is workaround, but that’s not what i was hoping to do in my live set.

Since this issues is coming out in all the projects i have, am i doing something wrong or missing some settings?? (i’m quite newbie to the elektron world)

Does somebody else has encountered this weird behaviour??

thank for your time, cheers


Hey if you check the OT 1.40a bug thread I’ve reported a similar issue. I did raise a bug ticket but I still need to send the support team the project files for them to repro!

thank you! i’ve tried searching in that thread but i haven’t had luck with the search function. i’ll check again now