FEATURE REQUEST Analog Four - Midi Sequencing external Gear

Hi Elektron & Elekrtonauts,

I know many of you share my sentiments when I say that the Analog Four should absolutely be able to send midi from the on board sequencer to sequence external gear. It is clearly just a software update. PLEASE PLEASE do this. I’ve seen others requesting the same thing.

I understand that you (Elektron) have the Octatrack and that you are keen to have us buy this box. More midi sequencing means more fun! Using the A4 as a midi sequencer does not negate the need for the OT. How do you sample what you’ve sequenced? clearly via the OT (or other depending).

My question is: why limit the possibilites? The keyboard on the A4 sends midi & the sequencer is so powerful it seems counter intuitive to limit its potential.

Anyway, huge fan of your gear. I use it every day. Adding this feature will only increase my love and use of this amazing tool.



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