FEATURE REQUEST: Make Analog screens bigger (6x8cm)

Full disclosure, I own an Analog Four MKII and love it. I spend days and days on it, which is why I also came up with this request.

Please design bigger displays on your coming products. Please make them at least 6x8cm.

I don’t mean insanely bigger displays, but, for example if the MKII had a screen to fill the entire case slot instead of the black edge bezel (image attached), this would have made it 100x better and the perfect gear.

You may wonder why. Well no one wants generally speaking a display on a hardware synth, but since the elektron products have digital control the only way to know the state of each parameter is by looking at that tiny display. Now imagine doing this for days and days, focusing your field of view on a 128x64 screen. I literally woke up looking cross-eyed or really fatigued after spending time on the A4. And I bet many people do.

The UX is always worth at least as much as the synth itself. I love the rest of the layout and workflow, it’s just that the tiny screen really is tiring with so much functionality on it.

P.S. One might argue that I could use the Overbrigdge, but really, who wants to stare at their laptop, unless they have an application for it

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Heh, just be thankful you don’t have a mk.1. You actually get used to the tiny screen after a while :slight_smile: