Features comparison between elektron products

Hi, my first time here.
I have an octatrack and I’m going to buy an A4 next week. Having both, buy an AR is worthwhile? I mean, what are the AR exclusive features not covered by its siblings? Couldn’t find a comparison chart.


Analogue drum synthesis? :stuck_out_tongue:

But the A4 does that, and arguably better given the tone shaping abilities.


That’s how I felt before the Rytm machines update.

But not since. Especially those metallic hats and cymbals, and SD Natural.

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But apart from the synthesis engine - I really loved the Rytm even before 1.22 because of:

  • Scenes
  • Performances
  • Step retrigs

They are nice machines. They are siblings. But they don’t overlap much.

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I do need to dig into it more, alas no time…

I got all three, and personally find three Elektron boxes too much to navigate easily, especially with some other gear around - The Rytm i got last, and I ll sell it probably, or use keep it and not use it much.
The Octa and A4 can do way beyond what I want already, so whats the point with all this overkill… then there’s another thing that bugs me, bigtime, which is that the sample specs for the Rytm and the Octa are not compatible, Rytm needs to be Mono in 48k/16bits and Octa Stereo 44.1/24Bits WTF Elektron…
So you ll need to do all this different homework to get the samples going on well, all this, nerdy way of working puts me off the Rytm, OK with the Octa, since it loads up as a drive on your desktop. So its a pain to get samples into the Rytm and running quickly. The Analog part of the Rytm isnt that impressive to me, I think it sounds pretty cold, but that’s me, different strokes for different folks.

I have AK, AR, and OT - they share similar workflow and similar tasks can be done. We have lot’s of examples, what can be done with one machine only - awesome.

But I like to have thins separated - maybe somehow old school - drums, melodic stuff, sound mangling and FX. That’s how I use AR, AK, and OT

I use also the control options of the OT and the AK. The OT got eight midi tracks to control external gear and I use this often. The AK got two pairs of Gate/CV out controlls, which I use sometimes with my modular.

Many thanks to you all!
A lot of valuable answers


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I have been thinking about setting up a table of features for all elektron machines, because it’s sometimes a bit bewildering what is added or removed between machines.

If i started something on a google docs spreadsheet, would other people be interested in adding to it?

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Maybe I’d chip in, but ugh google docs spreadsheet :confused:

Haha, I can understand that. Can you think of a easier cloud app to enter tabular data?

Of course… I know someone who should be doing this already… :smiley_cat:

Started a thing, but will stop for the moment, i was planning on it being pretty exhaustive, i only really have info for the devices i own RYTM/OT/MM/SS, and I haven’t even filled in all of their info. Feel free to let me know about things you think should be in there, ideas for organisation, or hit me up for edit access if you want to contribute. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make or break a device for a person.

ASSuming that is it a useful thing for people, I imagine it will get transferred somewhere more permanent eventually.

I don’t suppose anyone is willing to host an Elektron wiki? I could probably sort something out if no one else can, but it’s been a while since I’ve used my web host for anything other than an image/file server.