Feeling 16 again

So i was sitting on the sofa, suddenly i had this urge to sample myself.
have some fun with my toys… just because its funny… good times for those who want to learn dutch… :smiley:


Hardcore in your body :slight_smile:

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haha vette shit ouwe

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Haha reminds me of “Alles naar de kloten” :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

dank u

Haha… indeed, euromasters :smiley: was 16 at that time if i remember correctly

ooh wat een tijden waren dat…

brilliant … i didn’t understand a single syllable but i laughed my ass off :rofl:

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That pleases me :smiley:
to make a long translation short: i want loud music, so i can dance to it with pretty girls, i want gabber