Feo [live session] - Octatrack, Digitakt, Analog Rytm, TB-03, Monologue, Micromonsta, Clouds

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The Digitakt provides samples and sequences everything via MIDI. Octatrack is the MIDI clock master. All synths’ audio (except the modular stuff) is running through the Octatrack, which provides some effects and does live recording, so the recorded sample can be chopped about, switched around, you get it… :wink:

The main beat runs at 40 bpm but has also previously been sampled into the Digitakt at 160 bpm, which is occasionally played back for the first quarter of the main beat. Yeah!

Some additional glitchy sounds are courtesy of the Eurorack, which slaps heavy effects onto the Analog Rytm’s snare output.

The rest is pretty straightforward. Micromonsta does the growly bass, TB-03 does, well… you know what these things do, right? Monologue does the lead, if you will. The Kaoss Pad is just for visuals (ha!).

Ask for more details if you’re curious.