Few basic questions

Some newbie questions here.
I got a used MDUW+ and I don’t know how long it’s been used by the previous owner.

I noticed recently that a few selected notes are blinking. Sometimes 2 or just 1. The MD works fine. They just blinks slightly. Is it a sign that battery is running out? Voltage matter? (non EU)

Might be a dumb question, but is it better to turn off/on the machine often? I found myself keep turning if off too often- just wondered if it’s more damaging.
As MD is discontinued, I’d like to keep it well.

Thanks in advance-

Any electronic device will fail if you like switching on and off without a minimum of 30 seconds to discharge itself. That was lesson 101 in elementry school when learning the Commodore 64.

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Welcome to the forum. Apologies for the post above mine. Are you able to post a video showing what’s going on so we can help? As for turning the device off, some folks leave their equipment on forever, some all day. If you need to reboot. Turn the power off, wait about a minute, then turn it on again. But you shouldn’t need to reboot. One question, do you have ‘midi in’ connected to the MD? Sometimes data you’re not expecting can create unusual results.
Good luck.


Thanks, the ‘slight’ blinking seems to happen maybe when I use it for some time (30min?) because right now, I just turned it on and it’s ok. It might be random, not sure.
Yesterday, when I noticed blinking, I unplugged all MIDI, but still happened.
I guess it’s not much of problem… just got curious.
Thanks for the tip about the on/off thing, too. I read something about the battery longevity, so I asked.

I wonder if the power supply is failing. You can contact Elektron support and I bet they would have some ideas. There’s also a diagnostic mode. I don’t remember for sure but if you hold down the function button before turning on the machine, I think it will take you to the diagnostic menu.


Cool, I’ll check about the diagnostic mode. Was having trouble with the ‘support ticket’ at Elektron, so I asked here. Hope it’s not dying or anything, I haven’t much used it yet.

could be the PSU. i own a MD and a MnM, both in the MK1 versions. both power supllies are of the same type, but one of it won’t work very well with the Monomachine. the display is flickering the more LEDs are glowing. so i suspect the PSU

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Hi Voxx

maybe you should check those notes or trigs just in case they are parameter locked. In that case the led over the trig will blink just to tell you is parameter locked. Push two times the trig and it will get off blinking.

Just try.



Hey Deka, you are right.
Just tried it. Good to know it’s not a PSU malfunction. Also now I know where I did my P-locks. Thanks for the tip!


You are welcome