Fill trig missing Digitakt os 1.2

Hello all,
I’ve just signed up to elektronauts today having only received my Digitakt last week.
I upgraded the OS to 1.2 last night. I soon noticed that the fill function now appears to be missing from the Trig page, replaced with a % chance function only, which is very useful. I followed the advise given on a previous thread about this (which is now closed) which seemed to be started up within minutes of the OS 1.2 release. However, the advise given was how the fill functionality worked and was engaged in OS 1.11, also, the pdf manual referred to in thread has not been updated as yet to OS 1.2.
Is there something I’m missing as I now can’t find the fill function any where in the trig page.
Any advice about this issue will be gratefully received.
Thanks folks :+1:.

In grid mode, hold down on a trig. PROB becomes COND. turn right for Fill Nei X:X and turn left for % :+1:t6:

Knowing me I probably got that backwards. But either way one direction is % the other everything else.


Yeah - the only change to TRCs from the previous os is that the start position within the list of trig conditional locks has changed

previously you started to scroll through the options clockwise, now the list is split so that turning left is for percentages (mimicking the new PROB mode which operates on all (non-TRC-locked) trigs in a track) and clockwise right for scheduled conditions

otherwise teh procedure is exactly as it was before - you always had to press down a trig in grid edit mode and lock it manually

PROB is a different (playable) concept, it uses the same encoder


Thanks for the advice and prompt reply.
I’m sure I turned the knob both ways when I was searching for the fill function, but I can’t check at the moment as I’m in the office. I’ll give it a go when I get in tonight.
Again thanks for taking the time to reply, much appreciated.


The new way is much better imo. I rarely use percentages, and always use X:Y conditions. Much quicker to use now.


This was something I wanted for a long time, so much more logical, a little thing but a great workflow enhancement IMHO.


@Ryan suggested that - when it was written down it just seemed so logical, elegant and intuitive if you knew teh Model Line - this is exactly why Elektron adopted it in a heartbeat - such an obvious addition - ties nice with PROB and lines up well with the way PROB is dialled in - we even tried to give prominence to the placing of 100% TRCs - the new default if you just press the encoder

It’s a good outcome, plus glad they put in the 100% COND TRC which i raised having remembered your Model post on that - it was something i think they had recognised as missing - i expect we’ll see this added 100% trig TRC on the analogs(with PROB hopefully) and models eventually


And the OT too - the spare place in AMP would be a good place to have it, it would be great to assign it to crossfader, XVOL could be moved to VOL since it is only on/off it could be added to the pre -64 and post +63 positions. Unlikely maybe, but it would be great I think.