Filter Envelope Trig from External Midi Input

Hi All, Sorry if I’m reposting something, but I’ve searched all over for this, and read the manual multiple times. I am using OctaTrack as external sequencer for Keys.

I have a sound that requires a Filter Envelope. When I use the Keys’ internal sequencer, I can set the ‘notes’ page to retrig the Filter Envelope per note, and it sounds right on every note played. When I play using the Keyboard on the Keys, it triggers the Filter Envelope each note. All Good.

But If I use the Octa as the sequencer, I cannot find a way to trigger the filter envelope. It will not trigger on individual notes, nor with the arpeggiator on the Octa. AND, the Arp on the Keys ALSO does not trigger the Filter Envelope on any note except the first.

Is this just the way it is, and so I’d need to use the internal sequencer on the keys to play sounds that make use the Filter Envelope per note? (and also, is it true that using the arp means no filter envelope per note?) Or am I doing something wrong? Is there another workaround? Or do I need to Add every note in the sequencer in order to make use of the Filter envelope on every note?

The envelope shapes with the little dot (1,3,5,7,911) are envelopes that retrigger with each note.
Basically those are the same as shapes 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10, but with the dot, they retrigger.

I just tested with a sequence from OT to AK, works.


May I ask why you are sequencing the AK with Octa and not using the internal sequencer? I am just curious

Thanks, I forgot to look at that!

No problem, I just like the idea of the entire sequence being in one place, and being able to make changes without switching to a different machine. On some songs I might have the pattern live on the AK…

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