Filter MIDI

I’m 99% certain this isn’t possible, without adding more equipment, but I figured I’d ask here anyway.

I’m using a Prophet 08’s keyboard to play my MNM via MIDI.

I’ve turned off MIDI control in the global settings on the Prophet as I don’t wish to change parameters on the MNM that way.
This means I am still able to use the controller functions - notes, velocity, wheels etc.
However, I don’t want to be able to control the track level of the MNM, which happens when I turn the prophet 08’s master volume.
Is there any way to filter the MIDI messages coming through?

The P08 has a few, somewhat related settings. Setting ‘MIDI Control’ to ‘Off’ should stop volume from being transmitted.

Have you tried setting ‘MIDI Parameter Send’ (as opposed to ‘MIDI Control’) to ‘Off’ on the P08?

There is no message filter function on the MM.

aye, i’ve had parameter send off for a while. the problem lies in me wishing to use some of the controller functions - the wheels especially - but not the volume control.
no major issue tho, just would have been nice. thanks for your reply