Filtered deep Bass needs more gain/volume



How to get more gain from LP-filtered “pure” square-waves on single output track?

Long story:

I’m just getting into my new AK and (thanks to Overbridge in part) it’s going on fairly well with understanding the architecture.
As I really need some nice, basic, plain sub-bass for my music I did some research and found several threads recommending using Overdrive = 12 and use the the first filter with Res = 74 and completly openend up to get a nice OSC-Wave ( ) . I also read this thread A4 deep bass tips? which gave some good advice with key-tracking.

This all works in general, but when I am applying the second filter as LP2 (so that I only get the lower frequencies) I just don’t get enough gain/volume out of my track.

If I applying some gain in Live (about + 16db) I am getting damn near the sound I am actually looking for - but this solution aint that practical in live situations when switching kits :wink:



You could lower the volume of the other osunds …

Since OS 1.1 when Elektron added the Filter 1 Resonance Boost you shouldn’t have to do that anymore. I think now Res 25 is what Elektron says will give a flat frequency response. You’d have to run a Oscillioscope or Spectrogram vst (if you’ve got Live use the Spectral Analyser and see what Res settings bring the most bass but I’m sure it’s much lower than 74 now.
As for gain, you’ve got Osc Volume, Overdrive, Amp volume and Track Level. Max the track level first, then Amp as Osc vol and overdrive will change the character of the sound, so adjust those to taste. Also you can boost low frees with the resonance of the HP or Peak settings on Filter 2. Raise in the mixer of your DAW if you need more. Should be good to go.


thanks for your answers! I recently discovered that I did not use the second filters Resonance/Cutoff to boost my bass - now I am somewhat (completly?) satisfied with my subbass.
Using the overdrive too boost, changing levels on the external mixer or lowering other track volumes was not an option btw. because I need to switch tracks on the fly (without caring about the right volume).