Finding artwork

Are there any websites where artists put up works that you can use as artwork for say cover art? And maybe pay them after purchasing?

I‘ve asked some friends for designs or photos. I can use some of it, but not everything suits my kind of music. Maybe you have an idea.

An AI would also be okay, although I‘d prefer to support a human artist. Also not sure about rights when using AI. I don’t plan to make any profit with my music though, will share everything for free on Bandcamp.

Edit: maybe some of you are also willing to share stuff and probably have a selection of art?


Artgrab springs to mind. I haven’t used them personally, as I’d prefer to DIY it.

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Hi, Try to google for stock photos. You will find thousands.

unsplash used to be great, its gotten a bit commercial

still great though


Yeah, but they usually look like stock photos :laughing:. But still thanks, might check flickr for CC photos.

Thanks for the other suggestions, will check it out!

Consider public domain artwork too. Lots of places to look, but the Met Museum of Art in New York has a big, searchable gallery. Plus you could always edit/glitch public domain art to make it your own


Just use midjourney…


I asked my designer friends and they mentioned a few places for you to check out. is gonna be best for a bigger budget. There’s top notch designers / illustrators on there. for less of a budget, but good also

I also suggest checking out Deviant Art and finding an artist on there, asking if they would do a custom commission.

Good luck!

I’m sure there are also qualified 'nauts that will chime in if they can help :slight_smile:


I have an old gallery on Renderosity that might have something that you could use. Sid_Bolero's Gallery on Renderosity

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tons of pros but also lots of students etc

good site to search/etc

most are very friendly and can contact them to ask/work out details


Wow, so many great responses. This community is so good, big thanks to all of you!


Behance is worth checking out.

Designspiration is also a place to look, although artists don’t upload content themselves (though credits are often there). But you can filter by category, colour, tags, etc so it might be easy to find something you like and then find the artist.
For example, album cover design.

What kind of artwork are you looking for? Photos, illustration, etc?

People have friends!

It doesn’t take that much longer to check with one and send over enough for a pint…


I’ve found myself really enjoying the artwork side of things.

I’ve made all the artwork for the releases on my cassette label (except for Thamel’s DUNA).

I’d happily help out.

Here are the previous artworks for you to have a gander at :wink:


I make artworks in various styles :wink:


As someone who also designs i’ll offer two suggestions:

  1. Find someone who’s work you like and ask them if they do commissions.
  2. Write prompts for the kind of artwork ur looking for and search for folks that might can do that kind of work. use words graphic designers might use, to make translating ur words into imagery a little easier.

Also, know ur final product. Album artwork for digital distribution is usual required to be larger than 1500px x 1500px and in either .jpg or .png format. For print its larger depending on format.

some recent, various, stuff of mine