Fingersonic Synset FM


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That looks tasty. especially the 3 drums channels! Not much info but one thing that’s off-putting but unclear is the ‘16 pattern memories’! I really like the digitone, so interested to hear this! Doesn’t look anywhere near as sexy as a digitone…more like a fax machine from the 90’s!
Could imagine the price tag being the best part of £1000.

Not a fan. Looks cheap and tacky
Seems the only advantage over digitone is 6 op.
Digitone need not worry, from this anyway

Might be interesting. But the second part of demo is… :confounded:

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ah hayor >_<

Is that…Dan from Akaï ? Rarely seen anything worse…


Made the timbre wolf sound great


Design and demo aside, I found the 4 parts, 8 voices, and inclusion of a lowpass filter and MIDI sequencing reminiscent of the Digitone. Fair to say that they are quite different devices, but it is nice to have some added variety in the FM space. :cool:

elektron UI is so nice. de facto


Move along…nothing to see here

So that’s what the Fx1 and Fx2 controls on the right-hand side are for. Makes sense.

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This thing will probably get Overbridge before the DN does…


Don’t mind seeing more competition for in-production FM synths, even though the demo wasn’t particularly inspirational.

When the hell is Korg gonna add Overbridge to the Volca FM!?!?!??!

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Could imagine the price tag being the best part of £1000.

Shhhh dont say things like that ;]

I’d hope closer to 3-400$ - it reminds me of the lxr.

…but “some people say I’m a dreamer”

I thought the demo was cool

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I’ll need to listen to the demo again, I thought it the recording sounded a bit weird and boxy and the pattern was a bit lacklustre but sounded like there was potential in the box. Demos can be very misleading!

An FM synth/groovebox is a back burner item for me ‘it would be nice to have but not essential to current setup’.
As are many things I suppose…

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I second this as well. The sound quality seems a bit bland to me. No sure if it’s the synth itself, the interface it was recorded with or the sounds.

I’ll keep an eye out for this to see if the demos were just a poor execution- but the bar is set low starting out

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The question on the sound is how much is hardware limitations and how much is the programming being immature?

The finish on the mechanicals for this looks ‘inexpensive’.


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Great idea but someone got beat to the punch…