First 24 hours

well got my OT yesterday and its awesome. Spent much time reading the manual and watching videos and so far managing not to have to post any questions on the basis that newbie ones have already been covered.

Got some samples in from the jdxi and sub 37 and some machine samples too.

got the hang of flex machines.

just set it up to control the sub 37

its a scary beast of a machine.

Got mine a few days ago too.

This beast really does take some taming

Seems like it’s taken forever, but I finally got an Octatrack today! I will be using it in a live performance in two weeks (provided I learn it in time) sequencing my new Waldorf Blofeld.

I got both of these so I don’t have to drag out my Sub 37, Arp Odyssey, MS-20 and others like I had been doing… OT+Blofeld seems a much easier, yet more powerful setup for live performance.