First Elektron?

Easy question for you all…What would be the best first Elektron box? Ha, well, I know this has been probably asked to endless abandon and a lot of answers are “it depends” so I’ll extend this more appropriately to “What would be the best first Electron box to acquire in order to be the most expansive and less redundant based on what I currently own?” Well of course that would depend on what I currently own, so here’s the list…

Roland TR8
Roland TB3
Korg Monotribe
Korg Volca Bass
Korg Volca Keys

With that said, what’s your opinion on the which black box would be the best addition to my setup based on current analog users with like-device advice? I know the Analog machines will severely trump and/or replace what I have on many levels no matter which member of the black trinity I acquire first but would like it to be the least redundant and most productive/ROI as possible. As far as background related to workflow goes I like to get things going and work organically with hardware towards conclusion vs preplanning and lying down individual tracks in a DAW.

Thanks in advance for you suggestions!



I’d have to say the Octatrack.
Not only is it my favorite piece of hardware, but you dont have a sampler in your list.
That said, the OT is not just a sampler, it’s also a midi sequencer and effects box.
I would say the OT is also the most versatile of the Elektron machines, probably the most complex to learn as well.
So if you get the OT you’ll have something you complimentary to what you have, and learning it will show you what the elektron thing is about.

The OT was my first elektron box.
Shortly followed by the RYTM and A4.

The better question is “What is missing from my music that an Elektron instrument might fix?”

If that’s not a concern, then clearly the Octatrack has least duplication of functions that your gear already has.

Ah, well you asked which black box, but I’d suggest getting a silver one, the Monomachine!

OK, so it’s a digital synth which would add a number of different types of synthesis to your setup’s capabilities.

In addition to being able to sequence 6 tracks of internal synths, it can sequence 6 tracks of MIDI too. So, if you got yourself a simple MIDI-thru box, you could attach and sequence your Volcas and other gear too! OK OK, so I know that all of your existing gear has some form of sequencer built into it already, but I’ve always found it kind of appealing to have a single, common point of control. You can also modulate MIDI CC values and more using the LFOs on the Monomachine which is pretty cool too.

I’d recommend checking out Elektron’s own demos of the Monomachine on Soundcloud here - - as these are what sold it to me!

I’ll also add that I own the Elektron dark trilogy, so I’m enjoying the best of many worlds, but based on your current setup that’s predominantly analogue, or strongly virtual analogue (i.e. your Roland gear) I’d have to say there’s room for some digital synth sound in there!

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…monomachine is the most versatile and most easy to get there one to start with…

…and despite the fact, that you never stop once you started buying into this…

…ot should be next…

…but if we’re talking black boxes only i must admit, the a4 is the one you get the most satisfaction and wow results right away in first place…
and it’s the one that can offer you results, you really can’t reach with any other gear…
no substitute for this one available…no matter what…

but be aware of the fact that they all know just an overall master tempo…
no individual tempi for different patterns…
for some this is quite a no go…and it’s that little fuck off, that can be easily overseen before you purchase it…

Yes, if the Monomachine is the first, the Octatrack should surely follow!

Elektron’s machines up until this point pretty much satisfy a specific need pretty neatly:

Digital drums - Machinedrum
Analog drums - Rytm
Digital melodies - Monomachine
Analog melodies - Analog Four

Inevitably you’d want some flexible sampling, and so the Octatrack fills that gap.

Elektron have got it nailed from this (perhaps pigeon-holed) stand-point.
Having said that, they all cross over between purposes - the Machinedrum will do mad melodic sounds, and the Analog Four will do seriously awesome drums.

Perhaps I’ll stop talking before getting into crazy fan-boy territory - whichever you end up getting, you won’t regret it.

That’s what I’m trying to figure out :slight_smile:
Thanks for all the replies…very helpful!! I went ahead as suggested and checked out all the product overviews, some tutorials, tons of user videos, and a couple of user manuals and to be honest if financially feasible I would sell all my gear and replace with all of the Elektron boxes…which based on a lot of related forum posts I’m not alone with that thought! Since that’s not going to happen I feel like I’m leaning toward the OT as my first box as it sounds like it would truly be a creative breakout instrument that would take me into completely new musical directions and could utilize everything I have right now and only improve as I add future Elektrons.