First Track, Feedback please

Heyyo guys,
my first track composed with Octatrack:

I’m thankful for Feedback.
And feel free to upload your productions too!


Hey friend, thanks for sharing. Cool track, is it your first or just the first with the octatrack?

I think dynamics is the name of the game. Observe how an instrumentalist’s dynamics change or a singer’s tone shifts over the course of a song, or even just the course of one measure. Even if you want to be mechanical, dynamics bring it to life. I think you did well introducing elements in different and new ways but changing each elelmt throughout the song pleases Paul Simon:
“blah blah don’t let the listener her the same exact thing twice” or something like that

Thanks for the answer Eak!
I’m glad you like it.
Yes it’s my first track generally which I’ve sort of finished. I’ve had the octatrack for about 1 year, before that i was only listener.
Good objection, i could work on the monotony a bit, i’ve noticed that too.
I also felt some problems with the low end. I think it sounds a bit boomy/mushy on my Hi-Fi system. It was cleaner in my ,studio", but I only have 2 monitors and no sub there.
Thanks again for the advice.
By the way, i think i’m going to upload a second track to the channel tomorrow, which I’ve pretty much finished so far…

Bass can be impossible to get right, but I can hear the mix had some thought and effort put into it.

I don’t own an OT, just a Digitakt. I try to keep things interesting with very very liberal use of the ctrl-all feature, it’s great for continuously exploring and performing a pattern. I make the “boring” pattern, then explore it with ctrl-all to decide how I want to play it for reals. Not sure what the octa has that you don’t need to plan ahead for.

I’d like to hear the next!

I liked your effort. I feel what eak says is correct.

I’d like to see what you do with putting all your effort into developing a track one half of this length, see if it changes your approach to developing the dynamics and fluidity. Nice efforts, difficult machine. Thank you for sharing.

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I’m writing this without having read any of the the other comments. I also didn’t watch the video so I could focus on the music alone.

I like the overall vibe. Reminds me of some of the more electronic industrial I was into. However the overwhelming bass frequencies are making the entire track very muffled. The kick is almost completely lost in the soupy bass. That’s my #1 piece of constructive criticism. Next is that you could be a bit more adventurous in the arrangement. It takes quite a while during certain streteches, esp the start, before new elements come in to tease our earbuds. It doesn’t always mean that you need to bring in a new element, but that there could be some kind of build up, or modulation or a sound to create some movement/tension, etc.

Keep at it! Asking for feedback is absolutely a great way to progress in your craft. Cheers.