First track in over three years [Digitakt] [musique concrete/drone/experimental]

Hello fellow Elektronauts.

It’s been (and continues to be) a very slow, uphill battle to get back into music production after a three year hiatus, but things are gradually starting to come together. Getting comfortable with the Digitakt over the last five weeks has been rewarding as hell, even if I’ve only completed a total of two tracks so far (there have been about 10 other half completed tracks that have died on my +Drive to date). I still find myself frequently stymied as far as progress goes, but I’m keeping at it with more determination than in the past few years. (Now that I have a taste of the Elektron workflow, I’m also struggling to keep my credit card away from the Octatrack… damn!)

Anyway. Thought I’d share the first track I’ve considered a success in a very long time. Recorded off the Digitakt via Overbridge into Ableton, with some saturation, light EQing and other attempts at mastering before bouncing to WAV. I’m hoping this will end up being the first piece on a four track EP before the end of the year — we’ll see what the next few months have in store.

Headphones or good speakers recommended — I’m a fan of extreme ends of the frequency spectrum. :wink:

Thanks for listening.


yeah awesome. I was put in mind of the tympani/bass throb that commences Debussy’s La Mer but we ended in what should be a new soundtrack for Alien ( the first movie). The reverb collapse near 7:45 is just right.

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This is excellent. What kind of sound sources did you use for the samples?

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Referencing the first Alien film couldn’t be better feedback — haha. Thank you!

Thank you! Aside from the kick drum, it’s all composed with single cycle waveforms — some from the DT factory sounds, others I made myself.

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