[FIX INSIDE] Make your Volca FM velocity sensitive with the Event Processor Plus!

"I have a Event Processor Plus that I would like to map so that it sends Velocity (CC 41) prior to the Note On message when receiving both Note On and Velocity values from an external midi keyboard/sequencer.

Any tech savy users here that could perhaps assist and guide me? Perhaps someone thought about this long ago and already has a program for Event Processors from MIDI Solutions that does exactly what I’m hoping for?"

Eureka! I managed to solve it. It did overthink the problem a tiny bit. Attached is the correct settings file to make the Volca FM velocity sensitive for those of you who uses an Event Processor (Plus) from MIDI Solutions! Happy jamming :mage:

Volca FM (Velocity Sensitive) EPPlus Setting.rtf (1.0 KB)

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Now with some swenglish video commentary!

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