Fix Velocity issue + USB VOL LOW

Hi all!

Its been a week with the Model:Cycles and loving it so far. But I have an issue, or I´m doing something wrong maybe… Im running the latest firmware and using the Cycles stand alone, no midi keyboard.

FIX VEL on all pads is set to 127
VDEP to 127 as well

But when I input notes through the sequencer buttons (not PADS), all VEL is recorded as a value of 100

Is it normal? or am I missing something here?

On the other hand, noticed that the VOL out through USB is so low, even when the USB GAIN is at MAX (+18), I read other post where some people said Cycles vol was so hot, but for me is the opposite… maybe its the same issue as the low volume with Overbridge… anyway I can add some DB in post, not a big problem.

Thanks a lot for your help

USB gain is for audio coming into the Cycles when you use it to play audio from your computer.

However I had to turn levels on all tracks down usually to avoid nasty internal clipping. Good thing is, you end up having a lot of headroom in your recordings. Which isn’t too bad after all.

Can’t comment on the pad velocity, though. Haven’t got the M:C in front of me.

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Hadn’t noticed that before. But it kind of makes sense. FIX and VDEP are on the Pad Menu, which seems to mean it’s about the velocity sensitivity of the pads, it’s not setting a value for the track as such. Whereas, the trig buttons are not velocity sensitive, and are assigned an arbitrary velocity of 100.

I can see why you expected otherwise, though. Your expectation also makes sense, but looks like Elektron chose to make FIX a feature of the PAD, and not a default of the track.

Oh ok I checked the user manual again and have this clear now , so there’s no way to control the USB output gain :frowning:
Thanks for your clarification

Yep that’s it. Thanks mate, regarding the VEL set to 100 when imputing the notes directly on the sequencer seems that it’s how it works inside Elektron’s brain as I checked again and again and no way to change it.