Flex/Neighbor Tracks Reverted to Static Automatically

Recently, I’ve been trying to make beefy templates to pair both MD and OT. Just this morning, as I was playing OT, all of my settings/tracks from last night somehow reverted from Flex/Neighbor tracks to Static, except for track 8, which I had set to master.

Has this happened to anyone before?

Also, I came across this post from 2015:
** Autosave problem, losing settings**

Autosave problem, losing settings

Not sure why it even happened but OT is reverting my settings on all of the previous/latter projects even when restarting OT. I’m MIDI connected to MD but the MD controls are all set to receive and not send information. What would even cause this to happen? Could this be a software related bug?

The CF card is a Sandisk Extreme 64gb model that was recommended from a CF card thread on here.

EDIT: When removing/reinserting the CF card and powering OT back on the Static tracks remained. I was able to recover the OG Flex/Neighbor tracks and their settings by reloading the project, but I’m still not sure what is responsible for causing this behavior. :clown_face:

Did you change Parts on accident?


EDIT: Below is incorrect, but leaving for others just in case.

Not even parts related, man, but thanks for the suggestion @djadonis206!

It’s like OT froze or something.

Reseating the CF card seemed to do the trick for now. Not even sure what caused it though because I was fiddling in OT’s midi settings page then all of a sudden the tracks turned to Static. I actually have to power on/off OT mid project a lot so I’m not sure if the card is a bad lottery from manufacturing or if it’s my OT. :thinking:

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Definitely looks like a part change, and more likely a pattern/bank change.

Is MD (or anything) connected to midi in ? If it’s the case, are you 100% sure Program Changes or Bank CCs are not sent from MD ?

Are you sure the pattern is the same when tracks become Static ?
(Statics are default part settings btw)


Ah man, my bad @djadonis206 did not mean to brush that off so lightly, and thanks for the double down on the suggestion @sezare56

You guys are both right. And the Static Tracks appeared when switching to Bank B. Still haven’t gotten the parts figured out all the way as beautiful of an option as it is because I got used to MD’s pattern/kit layout (which, sort of sounds similar when changing MD patterns and how kits change/ revert to unedited kits if they aren’t saved).

100% sure because I had the midi setup vice versa for my last project and OT was just being used as like an fx/audio cleaning passthrough. There’s more questions coming for the MD people on here very soon, but I don’t want to abuse the question limit without trying first.

Swear guys, I used to have this down before, but time away from both brought me back to a fuzzy state. I totally forgot about the bank switches resulting in completely different parts smh my head because that structure initially bothered me when getting OT :man_facepalming: Trying to fly without learning how to walk first.

Also @sezare56 thank you for hooking me up with that very important default part knowledge. I actually learned a lot from your old posts about copy/pasting different pages, so it goes to show my student capacity, as of late. Nice find on the triple-fx hack that was an awesome discovery! :beers:


It’s all good. I have had my CF Card go bunk and jack all my stuff so I get it :+1:


@djadonis206 Nooo man, R.I.P. Have you tried to send it in to those data recovery centers that hack into the cards leads, perhaps, it might bear some fruit? That used to happen to me a lot with my MPC 2000xl/60ii. It feels like being robbed :unamused:

Thanks again man you both were on the money. :beers:

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The Reverb in FX1 hack has been discovered by @Kacper, if it is what you meant…:wink:


My apologies for being a walking misinformation campaign today haha.

@Kacper is the one my bad man @Kacper you are beyond deserving of the praises for that sweet find, and thank you for sharing it.

I do remember seeing you a lot though @sezare56 on that thread, plus some, and getting scientific with the techniques, though, so don’t sell yourself short either. :muscle:

@sezare56 You helped me a lot on my last mix unbeknownst to you, which allowed some wild (for me) MIDI concepts to take place. But I couldn’t get the EQ setup tastefully enough to work (routing was terrible to begin with), so have to start over on that one… will eventually upload it when it isn’t booty beats anymore. Are you still doing beat challenges or is that a thing of the past?

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Thanks for kind words. :content:
EQ is the most difficult part of mixing imho, and I need to (re)learn from the beginning it myself…

I like any kind of musical challenge to improve myself.
Busy summer, maybe winter !

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Yeah man, EQ is a very difficult beast to conquer, and even more so when you’re working with limited equipment specs wise. One day, this beast will have a leash. :sweat_smile::face_with_head_bandage:

I have some old mixes/music vids I’m trying to clean up for you guys because this community really helped me grow fast, and inspired me to get into video editing at the time (was few months ago and novice stuff lol). It was really fun to learn, despite all the wild world events going on in the background in Ukraine.

Shoutout also to @PeterHanes one of the Grand Wizards with the answers.

Awesome, man, looking forward to hearing some jams out of your :brain:. Busy is best, make that money. I’m just shocked at the talents you guys have man it’s really inspiring and it’s like a charge to the system. :beers:

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Might be of interest…


Sounds interesting gonna force me to find pan flute samples eh? haha :beers:
Thanks man @Microtribe

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