Flex Sampling

I couldn’t find anything on here about this. My first post. I’m having issues using my flex machine with a live recorder buffer. It stops recording early. If I put a trig and rec trig on the first beat of a 16 beat pattern I’m just doing a one bar sampling buffer. It seems to only handle recording for only a few beats of the bar… But only sometimes. Sometimes it records the entire bar fine. My record settings are set to 16 beats and I’ve tried 32 or max. My hold and release are maxed. I don’t have any other trigs and no effects turned on. In the recorder settings I can even see the recording arrow stop tracking early. What really bugs me is the inconsistency. Do I need to properly set my recorder buffers somehow? It almost seems like a processor issue. Thanks for the help.

So your trying to play what you record at the same time correct?

step01 has a recording AND a play trigger…

and basicly you want to play RIGHT THEN what you are recording correct?

if so… Check either the pitch or the rate parameter. because playing with either, could cause the octatrack to play audio you havent recorded yet… and it would just STOP
sometimes yes, sometimes no… just like you describe.

It also helped in the past, if you placed the recording trigger BEFORE you placed the play trigger… I know its the same step, but in some of my experiments it appeared, that
if you placed the triggers in that order… they where also executed by the octatrack in THAT order… making the chance you played audio that didnt exist yet… less…

Hope it helps…
Enjoy your machine.