Flimsy faceplate anyone?

I got my Digitone yesterday – happy days! – all good but I realised that when I tap the faceplate, especially in the middle of the unit, there is a noticeable ‘reverb’, a slight sound sort of like when you hit a drum.

Basically it sounds like the faceplate is perhaps not fixed ‘flush’ with the internal bits, or maybe the faceplate on my unit is ever so slightly curved/bent, but just a fraction of a millimetre, giving this effect.

The build quality feels solid otherwise, but this makes it feel a bit cheap, like they skimped out on internal fixings(!).

I tried tapping my finger firmly on the faceplate of my other gear, and none have this effect so noticeably (even my Tanzmaus lol). Tapping the similar looking Octatrack box for example it feels really solid and there is no ‘give’ (or reverberation) at all.

It makes me wonder if the Digitones/takts are just like this? For those of you with an Octatrack as well as Digitone/takt, for example, or any of the other bigger boxes, do you notice this effect on the DT/DN particularly?

If this is just the way it is then fine – this in no way impacts on the use of the unit of course – and I’ll stop fixating on this! However if there have been quality control issues with my particular box I might just send it back/replace it.

I’ll try to do a video of this when I get home. Any reflections appreciated :slight_smile: