Folktek Alter Pedals

Folktek is running an Indiegogo for these pedal versions of their Alter modules

If I get these, I’ll probably put them in the modular corner of the house, rather than on my band rehearsal/gig pedalboard.



Looks like it is having no problems being funded!

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No doubt I’ll have a (very) brief moment of regret when I get hit by the custom fees but my word, these look and sound fantastic. I took a punt on the Alter Y - the demos of modes of the Eurorack sounded fantastic.

Update from Folktek. Nothing surprising, but at least they broke the silence

Delays but progress

We’re terribly sorry that there have been delays. There have been unexpected shortages and pauses in manufacturing which we’re working to resolve. rest assured EVERY pedal order will be received. Thank you for your patience as we sort things out.

kind regards,


Another update…

First, our sincere apologies for the continued delay. Supply chain, production issues and other delays have been resolved, but we are still a couple of months out from shipment. Manufacturing and production have been ramped up and your order is currently in progress. We will ship your order as soon as we are able. We will reach out to you again with another update once we have more information to share, including an expected shipment date.

Folktek has been acquired and is under new ownership of the microphone company 3Dio (, Jeff Anderson and Brian Anderson. As the new owners, our top priority is to fulfill all existing orders and continue the pioneering work of founder Arius Blaze in producing synthesizers, modules and electro-acoustic instruments. Arius will continue to be a creative contributor for future Folktek products and will assist in the fulfillment of all current orders.

As a thank you for your incredible patience, the previous owners of Folktek intend to send every backer a care package with some very nice gifts. It’s the least we could do to make up for the delay and we hope you’ll be pleased. The previous owners are going to start getting those ready and sending them along soon. We will be reaching out to confirm addresses in the near future and again when the pedals are ready to ship.

Expect more news soon and thank you again for having such incredible patience.

Best regards,

Jeff Anderson & Brian Anderson

Folktek Customer Care

That’s an interesting acquisition for a company that makes binaural microphones!

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Interesting. The original owner got destroyed on Modwiggler for some questionable social/political views posted to Facebook, and shocking customer service and build quality, or lack thereof.

Hope the new owners manage to turn things around.

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Got the email to confirm my shipping address.

Then got the order confirmation email.

So I guess the shipping confirmation is next.

wow that’s big news