Fonik stands

Just wanted to do a shout out to Alex and the team at Fonik about their excellent stands and brilliant customer service.

I bought a stand for DT / DN before Christmas and it arrived really quickly. Turned out I’d actually ordered the wrong one (100% user error- didn’t know / realise the Analog Heat had a different configuration of feet on the bottom) and they shipped the right one the same day and arranged for collection of the other one when the new one was dropped off. I was really impressed.

After using the stands for a while I made an enquiry to see if they had any extra bits to boost angle to help with me with a sore neck. They didn’t but Alex very kindly (and right in the run up to Christmas) made an additional riser to match the black stand I had. Same style, spec and finish as the main stand. This was completely unexpected and totally above and beyond the realms of normal customer service.

Wanted to give them a shout out here. Credit where credit is due. People tend to shout loudly about bad customer experiences and often forget to praise the good guys.

Well done to the Fonik team.


Ooh, those are super-slick

If I was getting stands they would be fonik, definitely the most stylish. Great to hear they are good guys as well.

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