Food Thread!

Unemployed professional cook, here…
And i know im not the only one amongst us, employed or otherwise…
But Ive been curious… whats cooking? anything? Anything that you love? What are you folks cooking up? At home, or at work, even… what excites you when it comes to food? special recipes?
we all have to eat, and you cant eat synthesizers, therefore we all have something that we do/make that has got to be special to you…
This is something I have been meaning to ask about for months now.
Food Thread!


Nothing wild but during the lockdown I’ve managed to get my little boy eating Freekeh with Mackerel, Leeks and Spinach. He gobbles it up like a madman.

He’s also loving black wild rice, spelt etc. I feel extremely satisfied watching him eat these kind of things. But as any kid he also loves all the naughty things.

Just remembered that we made Lentil Cumberland Pie, and he loves that too. Actually asked to have it for breakfast one morning.

I found it interesting that during those times when the supermarket shelves were being emptied, you could find loads of Quinoa, Wild Rice, Freekeh etc on the shelves. All the really nutritious stuff just left there.


Freekah and leeks is kinda freeka leeky! You kiddo sounds like a real good eater.

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Yes he’s amazing compared to most kids his age.

Lately i have been all about stuffed dough…
A friend of mine who works for a seafood purveyor dropped off 7 2lb lobsters on ice that were still alive the other day. i poached them off and made a stock from the bodies and shells, picked the claws and tails and made dumplings out of potato and leek with lobster meat. a kind of pierogi meets New England sort of thing. I just used store bought Wonton wrappers for the dough, which held up like a champ. Lobster stock… lobster ciopino…
im pretty sick of lobsters for a bit


I just love food, to the point that it is very common that my friends and I talk about food while eating. Supposedly a French thing :wink:

For me, everything starts with growing your own food. In the morning, first thing I eat these days are my dwarf tomatoes… I also have a lot of herbs I can pick in my garden any time I cook.

My most recurrent meal might be what we call “galette”, a thin and large pancake made with brown flour and water, that we fill with egg, cheese, mushroom and whatever vegetable are left in the fridge. A speciality from here in Brittany!

The best I ever did was some raviole made with lamb meat melt with garlic and pareil the day before, with spinach and a lot of little things (tiny bit of dried tomato and mushrooms, can’t really remember the rest).
In my family, it’s become legendary as I never managed to do them as good again ^^


Ahhh, salivating as I read those above.

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I LOVE classic french technique!
If I could absorb any Chefs knowledge with a hand shake it would be Chef Jacques Pepin, no question. He is the MASTER.
… or Alain Passard. that guy is amazing what he does with vegetables

I don’t know much about chefs, I must say.
Here in Rennes, there’s a single star restaurant that makes amazing meals, all play with contrasts of texture, colors, temperature, sweet/sour, and of course with the right glass of wine.

Nothing like wine + food balance! My mother-in-law is a very impressive cook, and her brother has a bottomless knowledge of wines. Every Christmas they amaze us ^^


Oooh yes! Many moons ago I had a girlfriend from a village near Rennes and her mother made those great galette! Insanely good breakfast.

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If you look up one, look up Jacques Pepin, been around for ages, a complete technnician… his book, Complete Techniques will show you how to do everything. Alain Passard is worth a gander on InstaGram, his food is unbelievably beautiful and colorful.
But Jacques will show you the way…


So, not like a galette in the pastry sense, but more like a pancake?

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This post needs at least one picture :smile:
I live in Barcelona, but I love to travel to Euskadi everytime I can… I love pintxos, and I sometimes try to do my own ones at home: easy, pretty & delicious :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes! Like @LyingDalai describes with egg, cheese, fresh mushrooms and herbs from the garden.



I’ve obsessed over this video for years.
I’m never going to be able to make that classic French omelette.

Tough times :joy:


I‘m mostly vegetarian or even vegan these days but every time I see a properly made plate of these I‘m questioning everything.

I grew up in restaurants as my parents either worked in a restaurant or ran a restaurant themselves ever since they came to Germany in the 70‘s. So these bad boys pictured above were a regular meal especially with vegetable rice called Đuveć Rice. But the recipe and how you eat them and with what as a side dish varies from region to region and can end in heated debates about what is the real thing.

Just one of many delicious things from the Balkans. Every time I visit family I gain weight easily.

Edit: they’re called Čevapćići.


it sounds very bourgoise, but i assure you you these lobsters spent too long at an airport on delivery and couldnt be sold. The company got credit for them, and my friend picked through them for the ones still alive and dropped them on ice and then dropped them on my doorstep.
also, peep Jacques making a Gallontine of chicken.

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Yes I guess (edit: oh I see, some cakes are called galetttes as well), but it’s mostly associated with salt rather than sugar.


Pancakes are closer from our “crêpes”, made with wheat flour, and most likely eaten with sugared things.


Lobster dumplings, lobster broth with cream and some fresh herbs and shit


special occaision for sure. im usually a Top Ramen kinda guy