Foot controller for Analog Four?

Hey, I’m putting together a loose live concept with the Analog Four and guitar, bass and drums. Does anyone have experience with controlling pattern change with a midi foot controller?

Not a solution to your request for pattern changing (sorry), but I use a Roland EV5 foot controller mapped to CC2 so it affects the BreathControl parameter in the A4’s Sound Settings page. It works really well and I recommend it as a way of tweaking a sound realtime whilst your hands are busy.

That’s a good idea, will try that out, being as I happen to have the EV5. Thanks for the tip!

Hello good people,

My big plan was to trigger scenes in ableton live 9 via a keith mcmillen 12 step while using midi clips in the scenes to produce sound from the analog 4. It works great.

I was hoping to use overbridge to change the sounds on the analog 4.
That also works well.

The Problem: Playing Live.
What doesn’t work well is loading a new song in ableton because overbridge has to sync settings and sometimes takes many minutes to do so. Sometimes freezes. Not a good idea live.

Work arounds?

  1. Disable overbridge then just load a new corresponding project on the analog 4 manually?

  2. Program changes?

3. Forget the computer altogether and trigger patterns with a midi foot controller. ( I do not know how to do this)

I love the analog 4 sequencer and would love to ditch the computer

…but I need my hands free to play guitar.

Any Ideas?

-Reid from Detroit

To trigger pattern changes on the Analog Four, the foot controller should send either MIDI Program Change messages (see pages 48 and 51 of the manual) or MIDI Note messages (if you set up a Multi Map in PAT. PLAY mode: see page 53).

The 12 Step appears not to be able to send MIDI Program Change messages from its keys.

The 12 Step does not have a DIN-MIDI Out port, so you would need a USB Host device to connect the 12 Step to the AF.


Thanks Peter,

I’ll check out those pages in the manual.

I appreciate your help.

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Does anyone have any suggestions on an easy to program midi foot controller that would do what Peter said?

Behringer FCB 1010?
Tech 21 midi moose?
Yamaha MFC10?

Your 12 Step will send appropriate MIDI Note messages via a suitable USB Host device.

KMI SoftStep with USB Host device

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Do you think this would work?

Yes. Lots of information on using in with the SoftStep in the manual.

You could also just build your live set as a large single ableton project so that you only have to open/sync once st the beginning. Multiple scenes set up as songs, each scene triggering the midi clips you need to fire off elektron patterns. You could then program you foot controller to fire off these scenes/songs. Or same could be done in arrangement…

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I’m a guitar player too. I like my Fc 200 for Octatrack and used it for Rc 505. It should work for A4.
Prog Changes, Notes, CC…
Mfc 10, Fc300 may be interesting too.


I’d like to do the same thing, but with a drum pad. There are full blown drum modules (“brains”) and pads in a full e-kit, but that’s overkill. There are a couple of percussion controllers, but in the $400+ range is more than I want to spend.

You can buy a cheap drum trigger (I have an Alesis IO, with 0.5€ piezos) and use Event Processor Plus to map notes to any midi event.

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I turned off the automatic sync for now. I’ll sync manually in the studio and then live the mac won’t beachball on me.

I still want to eventually replace ableton live though. I have had bad luck in the past with computers on stage.

Thank you for all your replies.

I will look into your suggestions.

Looks like the Trigger I/O is not longer sold, but there’s a ddrum DDTI Trigger Interface that looks identical. Need a software-less conversion though. I have a MidiPAL/GAL that does remapping I think, but not sure if I’d lose other functionality with that.

I have a Midipal too. I didn’t try to program it but it should do the job.
Were not totally off topic because you can apply it to a foot controller lacking needed midi messages.

I was thinking of wiring up a piezo trigger to whatever voltage/resistance/[insert_electrical_terms] a footswitch jack needs.