Foot pedal for function keys on the octatrack?

I’ve been learning to 3d model and animate again lately because I had a stroke in 2017 making my left side very difficult to use and I’ve been learning to animate and model using a fooot pedal for function keys and i only now realized that maybe I can do the same with my octatrack, is there any way to press function with a foot pedal?this is what I currently use it has 3 keys but I’m open to buying a midi foot pedal if needed the one i currently have is usb


Great question.

I’ve just had a look at the manual and as I expected I can’t see anything to help map the FUNC key specifically, unfortunately.

It’s an interesting use-case that Elektron might not have even considered, as genererally the MIDI mappings are about controlling functionality externally, not UI (i.e. there’s no way to open certain menus, but you can control the crossfader).

I’d send a message to Elektron - they might be interested in helping work something out.

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Thanks good point I always forgot to email the company thinking they won’t care which isn’t necessarily true

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There was an earlier discussion about accessibility on Elektron boxes in which it seemed that Elektron was interested in pursuing the matter. But I don’t know if it actually happened.


i guess the button is just closing a circuit, so a non-midi pedal(like a sustain pedal) could work on a modified octatrack. the elegant solution would be with a drilled hole, in which a female tr jack, connected to the solder points of the func button, could be installed. maybe ask a local tinkerer.

I really support this idea. I would love a pedal for the FUNC key on any Elektron box. It would really open up some interesting performance possibilities.