For midi sequencing which do you prefer OT or DT?

Thinking of using either my OT or DT for midi sequencing - never really tried it much with either of them, so for those that do use either or both of them for midi sequencing which do you prefer and why?

I’m thinking OT offers more, but maybe not?

OT for the MIDI LFO’s (there are more of them) and LFO designer, per track seq scaling. Also the Part/Kit-esque structure makes working on multiple patterns easier and I don’t have to fuss with re-assignment/copy/paste like on DT/DN.

DT is good for autechrey per step/p-lockable program change. But I rarely have the need in my music.


Thanks @AdamJay I’m leaning towards the OT too mainly because of the track mult/divide and the arp, planning on using it for mainly CV sequencing via CVocd interface so the extra LFOs will probably be handy too.

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I really like OT’s arp. Modulated with lfos, it can be very alive…you can use Lfo Designer to modulate arp speed with specific values.
Plays free midi tracks.


Good point @sezare56 with the scale function too and a plocked LFO depth to arp semi random but in key sequencing should be fun.

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Not sure, if your use case warrants it, but you might want to look into the Polyend Poly module. It can take midi din, usb host and client inputs. Has 8 sets of gate, pitch, velocity, and modulation outs, and also works really well with the OT, while also permitting interfacing with essentially anything. (Full up DAW sequencing for example)

To answer your OP question, and based on what I’ve read and seen on the DT, it sounds like the OT is most certainly the way to go, BUT if you are just wanting it for MIDI sequencing, there are perhaps better things for that.


I remember that midi params can’t be scene locked, but presumably LFO depth can?

No sir.
No settings in the MIDI section can be scene locked.

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i can only speak for the OT which i bought spontaniously years ago instead of an oberkorn or a sequencer. i was very happy with it because it offered much more than i could expect of those big modulars. always hoped for an update that would make it more elegant to put chords in a sequence in live recording and maybe make it possible to set scenes at least for LFO depth.
instead trig conditions have been introduced - not only a surprise but a real comeback. my old OT feels to me like brandnew again.
possibilities still seem endless, especially when using more than one track for one channel.
one day i´ll get a cirklon ! :wink:

Surprised to find that the OT can’t trigger midi tracks directly from the trig buttons (aside from chromatic mode) like the MD could, bit of a bummer!
Seems that only when midi tracks are set to plays free that the trig buttons do anything. I remember now as well why I didn’t like the OT midi sequencer, the setting of channel and cc assignments is ridiculously long winded! Still I doubt it will ever get sorted, so I will give it some more time before deciding to look elsewhere.

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Haven’t tried sequencing anything from the DT yet but I really liked the plockable arp on the OT’s one. Point a few LFOs at arp speed etc and lots of great sequences emerge with little effort.


The OT has song mode and conditional trigs too.
You can sequence the scenes, cross, and midi params via midi loopback.

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the only advantage I see in the newer boxes’ MIDI sequencing over the OT is the p-locking of multiple steps simultaneously. I really hope that one day this is ported to the OT, as it’s a considerable workflow enhancement.

but, overall, the OT has a lot more tricks (swing per track, note offsetting via designer LFOs that can be modulated by other LFOs, designer LFOs triggered by conditional locks, 3 LFOs and different track speed division per midi track, a force-to-scale feature that actually works, some step re-trig options, p-lockable arp) that I’ve come to appreciate too much for quickly generating and sculpting sequences, so I’m still overall faster on it than I could imagine myself ever getting with my new DN.


Can you use two inputs at once on the Poly? Like using octatrack din for ch1-4 and an iPad lemur with ch5-8?

Also how is the midi din bandwidth for 8x4 streams?

Thanks for bringing this up! Looks great

Yes you can. However the assignment of channels etc is automatic and the midi input is summed from the multiple sources.

As for bandwidth, I’ve never had any problems running an octatrack using all 8 tracks of midi and a qu-nexus plugged in at the same time.

It is pretty beefy.

whoa cool!


Totally agree, especially for TRC.


I know what you mean as I have MD now.
Less possibilities with MD, but a faster workflow.
I thought about Plays Free for track triggers too, but I won’t use it !

Possibility to trigger midi tracks default note with DT?

Yup, the infuriating inconsistencies and limitations inherent in Elekton midi sequencers are largely why I tend not to use them much, I think for drum triggering duties they are all ok, for notes not so much, although the OT and MnM arps are nice for monophonic stuff, I don’t find any of the Elektron sequencers any good for polyphonic sequencing - aside from very basic stuff, a shame.


The only thing pro DT midi sequencer i can think of. It’s a shame that it‘s not possible on the OT.