Force fixed carrier using LFO?

Can anyone think of a way to simulate a “fixed carrier” that always has the same pitch using an LFO or ENV?
If you don’t know what I mean it’s supported in Ableton Operator and Logic EFM plug-ins - basically your Carrier never changes pitch.

From EFM1 manual -
Fixed Carrier button (Carrier): Enable to disconnect the carrier frequency from keyboard, pitch bend, and LFO modulations. This allows you to produce a carrier tone that is free of these modulation sources.


the closest I could get was a fixed modulator via the LFO running at audio rate set to modulate Pitch 2&4.

You could record a sequence with a fixed note value & use LFO & ENV for modulating the modulators in different ways. This works for the percussive sounds that fixed carrier patches are useful for.

This is definitely one of those features I’m pulling for in future OS updates. On my DX synths I really enjoy the simulated chorus effect of a low frequency fixed carrier being modulated by modulators played chromatically.


Use square shape set to half cycle to get a constant modulation signal

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@Faxdoor have you tried the key scaling settings on B1/B2 ? The description in the manual looks potentially like it might work if one of those is a carrier, it might work like traditional keytracking settings where you remove the OSC from keyboard. Will try later.

Keyscaling decreases mod level as you play up the keyboard. The higher the setting, the more dramatic the decrease.

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Yeah I just checked it out - only modulation intensity is tracked as you say.