Format new CF card?

Hi all,
could anyone tell me if I need to first format a CF card on PC or should it work directly in Octatrack mkll ?
When I insert a new 64 gb card not one button works
Thanks for any useful info

Page 33

Cards supporting UDMA and at least 133x (~20MB/s) for both reads and writes are compatible with the Octatrack MKII. Cards must be FAT16 or FAT32 formatted, preferably FAT32. Up to 64 GB Compact Flash cards are supported.
Never remove the card while data is being read or written to the it. Doing so might cor- rupt files and data. The card should only be removed when the LED is dimmed green and shines with a steady light.



Believe me I read that, but neither you or the manual answers my question if the CF card HAS TO BE FORMATTED EXTERNALLY BEFORE USE.

I was under the impression that it can be done directly from Octatrack.

I guess not? I don’t have a card reader at the moment…

page 34 :wink:


Project -> System -> Card Tools -> Format Card

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The problem is that when I insert the card into Octatrack, nothing works!

It freezes, I can’t move any button, pot or slider, I tried everything, and I wonder if the card is defective maybe?

Anyway thank you all for your help, not sure what I can do with the card.

BTW it is 64 GB Sandisk Extreme

Def try to format it externally or swap it for another. How new is new, with consumer electronics I often wonder. From earlier posts I’ve seen OT is peculiar with CF cards, never had an issue myself. I still use the included card though.

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Thanks @TonyDS_1, it is a Sandisk refurbished “new” card with warranty etc.
I got a card reader coming…will see what happens

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Could be a problem with the card itself.i had a few cards years ago that gave problems


yep, the card i got with my OT was junk. i wrote them, they sent me a new one…all fixed.


This happened to me, I accidentally remove the sandisk flash card while I was in an open project; not in play, but still corrupt my OT. Now when I turn it on it seems “remember” that last project I was in; static machine are obviously empty but remember the names of slots. I can not make octatrack read any flash disk card; I already contact elektron for support, but does anyone know how to resolve this problem? Looks like either I need to reset/reprogram OT operative system or replace Compact Flash with an authorized elektron technician. So fckng sad…

Did you try Empty Reset?

Is a pin bended on the compact disk, will see how to put in place again/.

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    Good luck!