Forum still broken on Mobile

Since the last update as reported elsewhere the top titles are misaligned on iOS - more importantly it makes site search unusable as you can’t select the search box.

In the meantime all of us minority mobile iOS users will continue to post ridiculous questions that have already been answered on the forum much to the annoyance of those miserable types who love to remind us to SBP. Peace.

Can you say which hardware and iOS version you have? The previous problems that you described have gone away for me on iPhone SE and iOS 11.2.6.

No issue for me either anymore on 11.4 iPhone X

11.4 is iPhone 6S - it’s a browser support issue - Dolphin Browser.

Works fine in Chrome.

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iphone 7 safari

How about using safari? Ain‘t nobody got time to make it work on any browser out there. Never heard of dolphin browser …why are you using it? Safari is imho the best browser out there.

It worked fine on Dolphin before the update and Dolphin has a lot of cool convenience tools that I like - number 1 being that it allows you to listen to YouTube videos with the screen locked - don’t knock it till you’ve tried it - it might change your life (or just make it easier) :rocket:

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I do have few problems too on mobile. )Android chrome) Most of the time send button becomes becomes unresponsive. Sometimes even the reply box becomes unresponsive and blocks the content.

If remember correctly this BBS was disclosure or something right?

I’m on chrome android and having some annoying issues - about half the time I click reply, the text box loads behind the keyboard, making it impossible to see what you’re typing. Very annoying.