FP Sound Packs #8 (Routine) Sound Pack: Digitone / Keys

#8 (Routine) Sound Pack: Digitone / Keys

A collection of 64 rhythmic, melodic, atmospheric and sound effect oriented patches which shows how unmistakable and eclectic the FM synthesis of Digitone sounds. Walk the hidden path to new sound design skills! Fully compatible to Digitone Keys!

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#7 (Shapes) Sound Pack: Analog Four/Keys MKI&MKII

Soundscapes, atmos and cinematic pads clashes with experimental sequences and mixed with playful leads and sfx to a sound pack that shows one new mutable side of the Analog Four MKII!

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#6 (Return Of The Floppy) Sound Pack: Analog Four/Keys MKI&MKII

Take a break and get high on a mix of 64 breath-taking patches! Exclusive made for the Analog Keys/Four ! It’s also compatible to MKII users.

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#5 (Don’t Copy That Floppy) Sound Pack: Analog Four/Keys MKI&MKII

From massive LFO’s to soft pads. Keys, bassdrums, sfx, leads sequences are just a few examples of the width of this sound pack.

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#4 (BPM) Sound Pack: Analog Four/Keys MKI&MKII

Over 100 patches ranging from basses, leads, effects & arps to sequences, keys & bassdrums.

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#3 (Depth&Vision) Sound Pack: Analog Four/Keys MKI&MKII [FREE]

Enjoy 128 thoroughly programmed, highly inspirational, and 100% royalty free Sounds for the Analog Four/Keys.

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#2 (Unmechanical) Sound Pack: Analog Four/Keys MKI&MKII [FREE]

The Unmechanical Sound pack consists of 100% royalty free sounds, ranging from dreamy pads to sharp drum sounds.

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#1 (Drum Enthusiast) Sound Pack: Analog Four/Keys MKI&MKII [FREE]

One for all, all for one. The Drum Enthusiast Sound Pack is a multi platform Sound Pack, injecting the DNA of the Analog Keys/Four in instruments capable of sample playback.

The Drum Enthusiast Sound Pack consists of 64 percussion oriented sounds for the Analog Keys/Four. But there is more. These sounds have also been sampled, and the samples are included in the Sound Pack. Load them in the Analog Rytm/Octatrack/Machinedrum UW for the ultimate taste of exactly how raw, synthetic, and analog recorded samples can sound.

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Love the soundpacks… they are a great jumping off point to sound design for me.


Love em! How about some Rytm sounds?


They’re great, very serviceable. I love that they are properly tagged for the A4’s sound browser, too.

I’ve used a few as the groundwork for my own sounds in my own tracks because the modulations are interesting, and it saves me a little time (again, the proper tags help as well) when I wish to focus more on composition in that moment rather than sound design.

I personally love A4 for drums, so welcome more percussion and drum patches.

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Just love your touch Mr Floppy :wink: So keep on dreamin’… We’ll be there :slight_smile: Drums, bass, synths, more arps too perhaps ??


Thank you so much!

That would be great but unfortunately I don’t have a Rytm to design matching samples for it :frowning:

excellent selection, most of which I could never have created myself :slight_smile:

bring on the new patches!

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Thx, will do but I have to be careful to my ears :wink: But don’t you worry, it’s done already…

Then you’ll love it :wink:

Thank you Mickels, I appreciate it! Hhmm, yea but I’m afraid not all of your mentioned suggestions can be satisfied with the next pack. But I also have planned more for the future. And btw it’s a good idea to include more arps. I’ll remember that! Dream on :wink:

FloppyDisk Pirates’ sound banks are very inspiring. I like them a lot and I use the sounds all the time.

Waiting anxiously to hear those new sounds!!


Tentacles rocks, I’m still a big fan of your work. At least once a week I have to hear “2 Much, Invaders or Level one” wich are my favorites! And every time when I hear a sound of my collections in one of your songs I feel honored. Not to mentioned the fact how surprised I am to hear how you fitted that sound in your track again :smiley:

Thanks for your comments and continue the good work… We want to hear these new sound pack!!

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It will take some time … I won’t stop patching but it needs some rest in between so my ears can recover :wink:

I love classic analog synths, 80s type of sounds. Any plan to release a pack with this? Juno pads, moog basses, Oberheim leads etc… Less lfo heavy modulated patches…


Hi Groof,

There are a lot of pads (tried to emulated from Juno & Oberheim), basses (inspired by moog synths) in my packs too but not yet a specific pack with a full bank of emulated patches from these synthesizers.

I’ve been thinking about that too to create a pack full of basses, pads and leads only designed to sound like the classics does from the good old days :slight_smile:

It’s on my list but to implement such a project there will be a lot of patience and time needed… So, don’t start celebreating too early :wink:

Great! :slight_smile:

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Really like your sounds for sure! Looking forward to the new one!


Thank you :slight_smile: