Free Drum Samples

Hi Everyone,

This forum has been such a valuable resource for me through the years so I wanted to give something back. Attached is a link to some drum samples I created mostly on the digitakt. I had been sort of tired of the samples I have access to and wanted to create my own unique samples so I started designing sounds recently. Primarily snares and kicks but also a few hi hats and percussion sounds. I hope you find something useful in there. Enjoy!

Edit: Sorry, I realized this folder had been deleted on Dropbox. I’ll try and sort them and see if I can get them back online.


These are really great, thanks for sharing.

Whats your design process?

Thanks a bunch man!

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Thanks, I’m glad you like them! I usually load up a bunch of samples (typically drum sounds I have created on other equipment, a few favorite acoustic drum samples, and weird noises I’ve recorded) into their own project. I then create a pattern by setting a trig on the one for every sound I intend to use to create the new sample and just let it the pattern play while I tweak the sounds. I use the microtiming a lot to get the attacks of the various sounds to sit well together. I also use the attack and decay knobs in the AMP page to get just the part of each sound I want to emphasize. Tuning each sound to each other is usually the most time consuming and critical part. That’s about it really.

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Many thanks for these. Look forward to trying them out tomorrow :slight_smile:

You’re very welcome. Hope you find them useful.

Hey this is great! Just found this thread. Thank you!

I’d like to add this great free drum package also:

I found this download at of 53 classic drum machines today:


Pretty incredible that this is so easy to access, thank you for sharing the link!

Would love to get a hold of these samples if you can put them back up somehow.

I will try and locate them and get them back up this week. Actually might add some to it as well. I recently rented some congas and recorded a bunch of loops with them. My loosely defined goals for my upcoming music is to add a looser feel to my sequenced drum patterns. I’ve found that loops of shakers, bongos, congas and the like really do a fantastic job of adding groove to otherwise quantized patterns. They don’t sound amazing on their own but with a little eq and effects the conga loops have really shined in the few little beats I’ve made with them. I’m trying to finish a bunch of music before I move on but like I said I’ll try and get them back up this week with some new stuff added.


Some more great free drum samples: