[Free] Official Elektron Sound Pack Release: Biopads

Hi Everyone,
Elektron released my pad-centered soundpack today :slight_smile: Enjoy!

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really nice sound pack!!!

This is great. Really awesome stuff.

Nice, thanks! Grabbed it and cannot wait to test them out this weekend.

One thing though: I can only see 24 patches (.syx files), rather than the 150 patches mentioned in the post?

Just downloaded the pack, it’s all 150 sounds in one sysex file. Maybe they changed it.

Guess I will import to a dedicated bank and then move just the patches I like… Need to keep things organized.

that’s weird, I got a ZIP w/ 24 separate SYSEX files, just redownloaded as well

please ignore me, it works now :slight_smile:

Thanks for this, will try it over the weekend

Big thanks, your a good man.

It sounds so good. Thanks a lot for sharing!

Thanks a lot for sharing !

Best sounds I’ve heard from the A4 !

Thanks everyone – I’m glad you all like them!

AWESOME pack! big thanks ! good work! !!!

It’s good. Thanks :joy:

very nice pack!

Must be going crazy here, all I see (via three different browsers) is a sysex download, not a zip. What’s the secret?

Download the SYSEX file and plonk it into C6 with A4 set up in the Config. Then on the A4 go: Global > Sysex Dump > Receive > then choose +Drive Sound and a bank with enough free slots and send.

Simples :+1:

Aha dopey moi. I was once stuck for a day when someone gave me a piece of paper with PTO on both sides…

Many thanks, sorted!

Thank you Biologik.

This pack contains some really well-crafted patches!

And let the AF to show up some of its beautiful timbres.

Sorry elektronauts but I can’t download the file… and I don’t understand?!?