Free Sample Pack Challenge 🏆 Show me what you got! (+ Octatrack session)

Sample pack challenge time! (accompanied by an Octatrack production session). I’m keeping this one simple, use only the samples provided as your audio sources, use whatever hardware or software you prefer. The challenge submissions have a soft deadline of April 20th, 2020. Stay tuned for the ‘finalists’ round!

Multiple entries are allowed and encouraged, video submissions are also encouraged but not required. Don’t be a perfectionist about it - just slap something together with the samples!

Get the FREE Sample Challenge Pack - all samples are 44.1khz 24-bit WAV (Octatrack-friendly).

0:00 challenge announcement
1:32 memory setup
2:10 auditioning sample challenge pack
4:24 sound #1 (Tiptop X0X)
6:38 sound #2 (Tiptop X0X)
9:46 sound #3 (Greybeard eating half speed)
12:01 tempo change
15:59 sound #4 (Machinedrum lead)
20:26 scene development
23:42 sound #5 (‘live’ re-sampling cue bus)
27:28 more scene development
28:26 cue bus change-up


Hey man! Thanks for the samples, they were super fun to mess with on the Digitakt :smiley:


thanks a lot for participating! love your take on the samples, heavy but punchy!

always enjoy hearing my sounds through unfamiliar gear, was interesting to see that the first entry was done using a po-33


Cool idea, thank you Max Marco!
(and thank you @Eaves without whom I would have never found this thread)


corona challenge accepted!


Damn good.

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Have just grab samples!
Thanks @defenestration


Next Model Samples wav import is gonna include some of these and I’ll see what I can mold out of them.

Good to see so many 133bpm’ers in there.
That’s my region :slight_smile:


This is Vijj

71.7 BPM
Digitakt Only
Record on Zoom H6

Just samples from pack, no outside anything.


I remember seeing an old documentary where Frankie Bones said 133 is the best bpm. The godfather of Techno.

On-topic: I have the samples loaded to my OT. Will commence a beat down within the next few days.


just a quick 1 pattern jam I made with 3 of the samples.
Kick Short Warm Verb, 133 DENS Funk Git, and Hats909 open 23
in Model:Samples.

Ableton limiter

Thanks, Max, it was nice to get out of my own head for a bit there. :thup:


@LyingDalai not really my idea at all :sweat_smile: someone quite excellently suggested I do some contests, and I’ve participated in more than a few challenges like this that are nearly the exact same format. Essentially the only thing I changed is the way the ‘judging’ happens. The ones I’ve previously participated in the winner is determined via popular vote but for a variety of reasons I decided to take a more despotic approach :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil:

@AdamJay yours is definitely the most ‘oldschool’ entry I’ve gotten so far! I’ve never met a BPM I didn’t like; I’m always sampling and using loops of all kinds of different tempos and this is probably a big part of the reason I rarely feel the need to use microtiming. BPM is a strange thing, one of my favorite parts of working with a modular patched up like a groovebox is using an analog LFO as a clock and doing it purely by feel without getting distracted by a numerical display or the fudge-factor of tap tempo

very cool to have gotten more than a few entries already, here are a few others I’ve received so far -


THAT. <B Love.

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It’s funny you mention micro timing, as I find myself using it on MS a lot because I have opened myself up to using more shortened loops, and with the low-ish integer 120 start point resolution, micro timing helps me get the grooves i want juuuuust right.
On my old Rytm I never approached it this way, and it has been a refreshing way to get more variety. Coupled with lots of filter LFO, odd loops and phrases in the MS give me the movement my tracks need. I often use the same .wav on 2 or 3 channels, layered and mangled a bit.

I am pretty picky about what I transfer onto my MS, wanting to stretch the project ram as far as I can. Using Myriad batch converter I converted your pack to 16/48khz/mono first, and then shortened all longer wavs to just 3 seconds. Got them all down to 7.8MB total upon import this way, and still hope to use some other sounds that didn’t get used, in the future.
I was considering swapping the kick for my live sets though, only because it is the one sound I am ultra picky about, but it’s grown on me now.

I am not arguing the despotic approach.
In my opinion so far the most organic, structured, musical and coherent jam is the one from AdamJay.


are you going to reschedule the “soft deadline” or It is confirmed for today?

We still have a month (of isolation).


Thank you very much @LyingDalai, @mrcrappypantson and MadisonSounds!


Great initiative for this days :hugs:
I join :love_you_gesture:

7th day of lockdown, due to covid-19 #fuckcoronavirus