Frequency Chart for Analog Heat Filter(s)

Has anyone ever charted the filter range (1-127) to the corresponding frequency?

IE: filter cutoff 30 = 280 hz

While I’m asking, does anyone know of a chart for the frequencies centers of each EQ for the corresponding drive?

***yes, I of course can and do just go by ear but I’m trying to use the Heat to replace other gear and develop presets that help me do things I like faster.

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You can chart it yourself if you have a computer with an eq plugin, ableton etc


Oh absolutely. I will if I have to, was just hoping Elektron published it or maybe someone knew of a place it was published.

If you wan’t to chart it, use this.

Not only will it give you very accurate curves, it will show a huge amount of other info, including thd, dynamics curves and more. It works with hardware too. If you use any software, this is one of the best apps you can buy £20… Just buy it, it will teach so much about compression and let you see so much info not available elsewhere.

I will eventually get around to doing it with DT and M:S to compare the two.


The type of eq you would use to apply the frequencies matter? linear/parametric?

I’d appreciate it if all frequencies for all Elektron machines were in the manuals, things like EQ, filter, LFOs, but also reverb and delay filters, chorus speed and so on. Yeah we can do it by ear, but sometimes it is handy to have a reference when wanting to do specific things.


@og_tea_boi wow, this looks really useful for me. Thanks for the tip. Price is right too.

@darenager I 100% agree. I find it mildly irritating that the UI uses unconventional terms/scale for conventional things (like LFO speed) but I would be much happier if they just included charts for speed, frequency, etc in the manuals.

Surely they did that work already in development, why not publish it?

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