From one machine to, two

Hi all

I bought a Digitakt a little while back, first time using hardware instruments, I felt I wanted to just play to enjoy music, more like DJing. After 100 hours of YouTube, loads of booze and a load of time learning (messing) with the machine… I’m hooked.

I bought a Syntakt about an hour ago. Surco videos made me do it.

If I’m going from one machine to two, what would people recommend for routing audio?

Do I need to start thinking about a mixer (read a bit on here about that) or would some sort of audio interface be worth looking into, or just link and headphones and plug into the DJ gear as a single line?

At my current rate of music ADHD, I’ll have more kit by Tuesday.

Interested to hear what you would do if you were starting out with a simple set up.

Thx in advance. And happy to be here and part of this madness :-]


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Hey welcome to the GAS club.

I personally would recommend that you route your Syntakt through the Digitakt inputs since the DT has a master compressor and the SY does not.

Probably wouldn’t jump right to an audio interface until you really need it since you can use over bridge to get you individual tracks into your DAW of choice.

It’s very hypocritical of me to say so but you have a lot of power with the two instruments you have. I think you should try to squeeze as much creativity out of them as you can before getting anything else or you may fall victim to buying and flipping like many of us elektronauts have.

Good luck and welcome!



Only if you think you need a computer to record music. Which you dont.


So I link audio to audio between these two and then out to amp/speakers. ? With DT second so I can use the compressor?

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You really won’t need a mixer until you have a few more synths.


That’s correct. Just be sure to turn on the input volume on the Digitakt. It’s all in the manual. Might want to look at the “setup examples” section in the DT manual.


What you have already has a lot of potential, and I would recommend really getting to know this two-box system deeply. Everything added to this setup is a new thing to learn, and time spent syncing and routing when you could be playing music.

My main setup is two Elektron instruments: Digitone and Analog Four, with DN audio routed through the A4 external inputs. I keep things simple and record the stereo output from the A4, but as mentioned above, if you want to record all tracks, you can use Overbridge.

You can set up MIDI on your boxes so that the patterns stay in sync, ie. changing to pattern A2 on one box makes the other automatically switch to A2 as well.


Got it. Simple is what I need. I’ve DJ’d for 30 odd years, I want to make and play music, I doubt I’ll be releasing anything on Beatport in then next few decades :slight_smile:

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Edited to reflect my life experience.

One into the other is perfectly good combo. A small, decent 2 channel DJ mixer could be fun for A/B-ing the two machines, loading/tweaking on one while the other plays for transitions etc.

I do this with my two Electribe 2/2s combo and it’s fun. Have also done it with my Elektrons and other gear.


Hey there.

I was just re-reading your response, appreciate the help.

I’m reading manuals. I’m trying to keep away from a mixer for the time being, space.

Set up is:

Audio L + R from Syntakt to Input L+ R on DT

I am then out on headphones on DT for time being.

I don’t hear sound from the ST.

I’m confused as to if I have to make changes to route the audio to make the ST come through and out of the DT

Apologies for the silly question. Any help much appreciated.

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You have to go to the external mixer page on DT (Hit FUNC+LFO a few times) and then turn up the input level.



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