Fukin with some machines

Just checking Rytm sounds, with a little machinedrum and AK

but the shaker is real :smiley:

Brooding, dark stuff…I really dug it, thanks for posting.

Would be good to listen to in the car on the way to work.
Is that just me?

love love love it. how did you make the whitenoiseish tone at the beginning? just recorded static noise?

thanks! :slight_smile:

@geoffmar it’s a sample from Reshaped Harmonics soundpack.

I’m pretty new into this kind of sound design fuckery,let’s ask the gurus how to :slight_smile:

This is so awesome. Just rhythmically really compelling to me - I feel it physically. MORE!

thx! :joy:

cool “physical” track!

Very good stuff here :+1:

Deeply textured

SC Followed, keep it coming man!

I really dig the part right in the middle. Good stuff :+1: