Full song with Elektron Digitakt only (video)

Hey! I wanted to create a song from scratch using Elektron Digitakt only. I wanted to make a song that would be played entirely on a Digitakt without any outside control. From push start to stop buttons.

Moreover, I did not want to use the mixing in DAW, and do mixing in the Digitakt, and record stereo tracks without using Overbridge and release it to Apple Music, Spotify, etc. in this condition.

Check this out!


Hey Antonim!
Nice one, but I’m really curious …
How did you mange the pattern chaining without having an acutal pattern chain running?
It cannot be program change either as you have no midi loopback set up, so what is the mysterious trick behind that magic? Or am I just missing something?

I’m guessing it’s a really long pattern chain.

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Hi! It’s just Pattern chain mode. In this case 17 patterns changes in a different sequence

Yes it is

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My bad, I was not aware we could pattern chain before actually launching the playback.