Fun little mono

I’m thinking about getting a fun little monosynth to play with.

Key criteria are

  • Not mega expensive
  • Knobby and interactive
  • Has a sequencer
  • Compact
  • Not Behringer (I don’t like them)

It may get used with an MN-707 or Polyend Tracker, but it needs to be fun on it’s own.

Obvious options seems to be:

  • Typhon
  • Monologue
  • Microbrute
  • East Beast
  • SE-02

Anything else I should be considering?

for mono quite expensive, but norand mono is a fun to program (if you are into that sound - it has character)


Erica bassline.


That eowave swarm thing?


Out of the ones you mentioned I only owned monologue and I vouch for it, great value for money synth and lots of fun. If you don’t want a keyboard I would even go for the x (edit x is not mono but still) version, also very cool and more compact.


What is the X?

I’m aware there is a Minilogue XD module, but that’s a Poly and quite a bit more expensive

Yeah, correct, i tried to verify the name and remembered it’s not mono, thanks :slight_smile:

what would stop you to just use one voice from it?
a poly can be a mono but not the other way…

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What’s that character like? [currently thinking about the Mono, too]

The upcoming FW is going to make it duophonic so it doesn’t qualify :wink:

I quite like my Dreadbox Typhon and Arturia Microfreak which both fulfil your criteria. For a bit more cash, there are:

  • Malekko Manther
  • Bastl SoftPop 2

Well, it has a distinct sound.
It doesn’t sound rolandy, or moogy, if you know what i mean.

I suggest to powerwatch the s%$t out of youtube, that should clarify it :wink:

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Roland SH01a is great, deceptively deep despite only 1 osc+sub.


From what I’ve seen/heard so far there’s not many very convincing demos to be found. But well… same applies to Analog Four and I’m really in love with its sound.


I don’t know what your budget is but the Novation Monostation is one of the best modern analogue monosynths Ive used that is budget friendly. Check the feature list. Onboard overdrive and distortion and the sequencer are highlights for me.


I want a Leploop.


Previously on Elektronauts…

More at

My own fav: A4 = 4 monosynths


I second that, it’s perfect for jamming. You will get all of its functions immediately. Everything has a slider. It will always sound good unless you want it to sound ugly. It can be a poly as an added bonus, though that’s not where it shines.

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A poly is fine, they just tend to get expensive quite quickly.

DSI/Pioneer AS-1.

Monologue is also very good.

SE-02 sounds nice, but is very fiddly, less fun than it should be.