Function + Mute/Unmute +Knob=Bug

I don’t know if this has been reported previously and I don’t see a known bug thread. Why do they not have a sticky for this type of stuff?

The problem is pretty simple.

In mute mode.
Press the function key then mute or unmute some tracks. While still holding the function key turn a knob. The value will jump directly to 127 value from whatever the current value is. Additionally the value cannot be changed at all until you release the function key.

I would expect I would be able to cue up my mutes and still change a value then release my mutes when I hit the value I want.

A way to work around this problem is to use the solo track and then change the value.

Still doesn’t solve the problem as I might like to selectively mute tracks over time.

I wonder if that’s really a bug. I mean the parameter jump values that you get by pressing the function button behaves this way.

Are you suggesting that parameter jump values should be disabled when you are in the mute mode?

You should be able to hold the function button (mutes) and adjust a knob without it jumping to a default value.

Its not just mute mode that this happens in. Also does the same in scenes and perform. Altho its not so much of an issue there as values are being changed already so there is very little likely hood of adjusting the knobs while trying to mute or unmute tracks.

you also cant use the function + mute and try to start/stop the sequence either

So while playing you press the “mute” button once and you press and hold the function-key and single tap select a couple of pads so they turn blue. Are you at this moment, while you still are holding the function button pressed, trying to change like synth parameter values before you release the function button?

And then you mention that this “bug” also happens in Scene and Perf mode but in that case pressing and holding the function button is nothing you need to do to change the Scene or Perf locks?

From the AR manual:

Pressing [FUNCTION] while editing certain parameters will make the parameter values jump to appropriate
positions. The time of the Delay, for example, will jump between 16, 32, 64 and 128 and the oscillator tuning will
jump whole octaves.

So yeah it’s pretty much is a feature rather then a bug in my point of view but I might be misunderstanding what you are doing.

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Function + knob has the same behaviour on all Elektron machines. It’s been like this for years. It’s a quick way of getting to specific values i.e.

0 / 127
-63 / 0 / +64.

Why would you wanna do that?

I am just trying to cue up some mutes and tweak a value as I mute off the tracks. I didn’t think my explanation was so complex that I needed to go through it 3 times. ???

So okay I am engaging parameter value jump while unaware of it.
So user error it is.

I do not recall reading this bit.

Its not really a behaviour that I would have expected. I haven’t really owned elektron gear besides an Octatrack for a bit which I got rid of as I didn’t get on with it very well.

So yeah, I am suggesting that the value jump to be able to be disengaged.

No Function button on the Cirklon. :joy:

Hah! Yes it’s a good point … I’ve always thought some MIDI CC or NRPN to remotely “hold” the Elektron function button would be very useful!

just press function and tap tempo and cue your mutes, have to say though it wrecked my head a bit this , lucky for that method