Function + Pad is not muting/unmuting

I’m in play mode but I can’t seem to quick mute/unmute by holding down function and pressing the pad for the channel - it just plays the sound of that channel.

Everything else seems to work fine and mute mode still does what it’s supposed to, but I just want the quick option with the function key back.

Is there any setting that I could have messed up with this? I’m just looking for a way to get the behavior back…

While not being on the mute page? I wasn’t aware of that trick. On my Rytm you cannot hit function + pad to mute it either.

It’s not func + pad,
it’s mute + pad for quick mutes

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Am I just an idiot? (I might be)

But here is from p. 68 in the RYTM mkII manual:

And it seems to be echoed again in this thread: Analog Rytm quick guide

Am I just looking at this all wrong?

In mute mode if you hold func then hit multiple pads when you release func they will mute at the same time, not an idiot you just miss understand, and that second picture is not explained correctly