Future Retro is alive!

I sent an email on Monday inquiring about a Vectra purchase… it seemed to have gone through but no response just yet. I’m sure they are busy so I’ll just be patient.

Glad they are back and hopefully they’ll be producing more Vectras soon!


A re-release of the 777 and Revolution (perhaps with a few sequencer updates) would be wonderful!


If the Revolution does reappear, I’d be strongly advocating for it in lush orange, as per the ultra-rare edition of many years ago. What a beauty!


I wish them the best of luck (obviously) but wonder how some companies can figure out a way to continue in the current environment while others are ceasing operations. I found it pretty astounding and commendable that Jered was able to deliver the Vectra on the timeline he originally stated while so many others take the money and keep on pushing back delivery dates.


I always loved the original 2001/Stormtrooper colour scheme but never got into the sound. Would be very happy with that with a new, more interesting sound engine and enhanced sequencer. Sub osc, IR3109 filter etc.

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Still trying to get my hands on a Vectra synth if anyone is interested in selling…

Trying to stay patient, but so far no updates on the Future Retro website and my email did eventually bounce back…

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Good question. So many variables. I think that, just like successful music groups, the combo has to be correct concerning the people involved. There are so many genius designers, engineers, musicians, etc who never link up with sales/marketing/finance-savvy people…The famous “side wall” at the NAMM show is full of great product executed in ways that will never catch on and develop a market. Such is life. I think the alchemy of a music technology company is a tricky blend.

ASM is an excellent example of a small but balanced team of experts in their particular fields, from operations, to engineering (ex Arturia), to sales/marketing (ex Elektron)


I sold mine, basically new, locally 2 weeks ago for 1500 on craigslist. Hang in there and you’ll find one eventually!

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Future Retro is in the process of moving their email and hosting, and setting up the production line.

If you have any questions in the interim you should feel free to contact Future Retro at companyofquail@gmail.com.


That looks amazing. Love the 70s vibes.

Details are still to come.


It’s been on the FR website for a while saying coming in 2023

Oh man, I am all over that 777 if they bring it back! That’s the one piece of gear that I’ve really, truly regretted selling.

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haha first comment: “Oh my god, the return of a boutique maker of cr*p nobody actually cares about.” people are the worst. :roll_eyes:

The original sounded like this

Holy hell, that comment reeks of complete and utter ignorance. People are, indeed, the worst.
At the time when I got into synths, just about everything was a rompler with maybe a v/a here and there. The 303 sound was everywhere but it was already hard to get ahold of the OG TB, and then along comes Future Retro, putting out modern analog synths that could give you acid plus a little bit extra, in the form of synths created out of sheer passion for electronics and experimentation. 10-15 years before this modern analog revival really got going. FR coming back is such wonderful news and it actually saddens me that a lot people are oblivious to just how special these synths were at that time.


agreed. even if the 303 ain’t my thing, I still look fondly upon FR doing their thing back in the day, when otherwise VA’s and VST’s ruled the world.

I was upset when I saw that Future Retro were shutting up shop, so I’m now really happy to see this.

The Future Retro XS was one of my first synths and I still count myself fortunate to have had it for a while. I wonder where that synth is now and the life it had after I sold it, hope it is having a good time patched into a wall of modular somewhere!