Future Retro is alive!

Excerpt from the News section of the Future Retro website:

In mid 2022, it was announced that FutureRetro would be closing their doors after a very long run fueled almost entirely by Jered’s singular genius and dedication. Quickly following, a small group of synthesizer entheusiasts, engineers, musicians, and interested individuals, purchased and moved the company to the beautiful rolling hills and pastures of Abingdon VA. With the intent of carrying on the legacy of the company in a manner reflective of the passion, design, and artistic branding Jered had put into it, FutureRetro will be re-releasing and redesigning previous FR products while looking to the future with completely new products, many currently ready for production.

It should be noted that while Jered is no longer involved in the day to day business at FR, his continued involvement in design and consultation is seen by new ownership to be imperritave to the success of the company as we move forward, and his desire and agreeability to remain connected to FutureRetro is welcomed with a great deal of excitement and gratitude. We look forward to what can happen with a TEAM dedicated to the FutureRetro name and respectful of the FutureRetro brand and styling.


This forum is super great!


Yep! The layout of the website is a bit wonky on my phone, but just scroll down on the page I linked to and you can read the full statement.

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So cool.

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Beautiful country down there in Abingdon.

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To me this goes beyond someone just acquiring a company, into the creation of something new, which begins at what is, but expands the vision, and grows. It will be interesting to think about and see what sorts of subtle improvements they bring to all of Future Retro’s existing product base, and eventually where this all may lead.


Dare I think, return of the 777?



It’s our very own (and former elektron-user) company of quail, btw. The designer and maker of the EIT.



So great to hear this. The Vectra was such an interesting design. Seriously, why not 4 joysticks…they’re useful!!! Hoping for more bold designs.

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This is great really good news!!! Future Retro

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in Jade Wiis Knobcon Stream there‘s something to see with futureretro „a working Vectra“

Yes !!! Great news.
The king is dead long live the king

I didn’t see this thread and randomly went to check and see if the website was still running and was delighted to find its new incarnation.

I guess soon I will no longer be owning a very rare synth which is probably I good thing as I found it to be too much of a responsibility!

This is very cool. FR has always been one of the more interesting designers from an aesthetic, feature, and sound standpoint. It was such a bummer when his newest synth and the company had to go under so soon after it’s release. Hopefully he got a good payday and the new group has some sound business folks to help guide the ship while still keeping the FR vibe.


I think you will be quite pleased. :blush:


You have the inside scoop? Please do tell!

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Well, I tried to email them (you?!) but my message was undeliverable. I guess there is a communication lockdown as plans are made.

I do like the look of the site!