Fx control channel

Continuing the discussion from Digitakt OS 1.05:

Is there any way you could add the Master volumes page into the fx control channel too? Would be useful for me to map those all on one midi channel.

The Track Level parameter (CC 95) (which is the parameter you see for every track on the Master page) is a parameter that belongs to a specific track, and can only be set via that tracks MIDI channel. If they were on the same MIDI channel how would the machine know what track’s Track Level it should adjust when the CC 95 messages came? If you have some external controller, you could of course set this up to let its faders send CC 95 to separate MIDI channels.

The parameters on the FX pages, on the other hand, does not belong to any specific track and are therefore treated as a separate group of parameters, and they now have own selectable MIDI channel.