Fx LFO issues

Has anybody else had any issues with the FX Lfo and it either not working or stop working?

It, at least, happened to me when messing with the Chorus parameters.

Edit: just tried to switch to the most blatant of modulated parameter: the delay time. And it’s not working. Is this a known bug?

Working fine here … are you sure you haven’t got a fade on the LFO or another modulation of its value ?
Always test on a clear pattern w clear kit

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Ah! So you’re (probably) right! I just tried it with a new kit and it hadn’t gone away after the jam. I suppose I must have had the fade set to -1 after a furious series of knob turnings

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I find the FX track all kinds of inconsistent between swapping patterns with differing kits unless I trig it. I need to investigate it further at some point.

Fx track plus clear will clear the fx settings.

does the fx fade in/out work the same way as on other lfos? cause i cant make it work properly on the mk2. can someone test this?

What is it doing?

Well… i was trying to make it work without placing a trig… though it will work while just playing a track.
my mistake… it works fine

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The only somewhat relevant issue I’ve ever encountered has been when using the Qperf mute/ unmute function in conjunction with using a macro to modulate the LFO fade param (to disengage/ re-engage LFO modulations – 1 fade param per LFO vs 2 depth params per LFO is more economic).

The issue: Upon unmuting, the fade doesn’t get reset for whatever reason/ requires an extra knob turn to re-engage.