FX track and mutes; doesn't do anything?

Does anyone know what muting the FX track is supposed to do? It doesn’t seem to mute either incoming audio nor the internal FX.

It mutes any trigs you may have entered on the FX track.

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Thanks for the tip. I now understand the track mutes.

HI everyone! first time on the forum. I’ve searched through google and cannot find my answer. Hoping someone can answer my question. My FX mute is not working correctly. I see on the screen in the mixer setup screen that the FX track is muting on the screen and I can also turn the FX volume up and down no problem, but the FX will not mute on demand.

Any help? Thank you!

It is working correctly

this is how you do it - with the track volume

All Track Mutes mute the sequencer of the respective track, not the audio

So FX Track mute could be muting a CV signal or FX parameter locks or trigs modulating fx with Envelopes etc