FXing Individual Samples

one thing I loved about my EMX was the ability to apply multiple FX on a single track ie. compress & distort snare, delay on hi-hay, overdrive kick etc.

this was a great way to make individual sounds cut thru a mix

compression & distortion are global FX on the rytm so how can I achieve the same pseudo-mastering?

a lot of my sounds are getting mashed together

With the MK2, you can apply your FX and resample the main outs to another track. Just mute the other tracks when resampling.

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but you still cant hear how itll sit in the mix til after resampling?

Nope. That’s the limitation of the signal path/structure of Rytm. I imagine if you do it enough, though, you’ll soon know what you’re after each time. Going with your gut and making destructive changes. The only other way is to use OB and do everything in post with VSTs.

so I need individual external FX for each instrument out and do everything OTB

You could but it would be hella expensive and probably not worth it in the end, especially with having to change cables, pedals, settings all the time depending on the track.

exactly which is why I want to see how I can do this easier

Distortion is per track and global

only compressor is global then?

I’m currently using [headphones out] so that could be why the signal is getting smashed. If I used individual outs it would give each track more breathing room yeah?

Headphones out is fine if you’re listening back on headphones. If you’re recording to a DAW or other device via the headphones, then that’s not optimal and you would be better off recording the stereo Main Outs. Also, if you’re finding things are getting smashed in an unpleasant way, try dropping all your track levels by something like 10 to see if it opens up a little more and has space to breathe.

No I’m using headphone out to my speaker, just playing drums so mono signal is fine but curious if using individual outs would help

@loopdude is saying that you have overdrive per channel on the amp page of each track, plus a master distortion that affects everything together. So if you only want to smash the snare, use the channel overdrive, and don’t engage the master distortion. The master effects are meant to gel everything together in a musical way, so roll back on the amount of them being used if it’s too much.

Also, the master compressor has a mix setting for blending the dry non compressed signal with the wet compressed signal, so try adjusting that for more subtle compression.


If you have a mixer (possibly with its own send effects) for combining them again, yes, otherwise Main Outs to your speaker is optimal. If you only have one speaker, try panning everything left and going out of the left Main Out only.

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cheers man ill experiment with this

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No worries. There’s no reason why you can’t get excellent sounding drums out of the Rytm alone, so it’s just a matter of playing with the settings to get the kind of sound you want. You’ll get better at it the more tracks you create, promise. Hang in there! :slight_smile:

yeah the overdrive does the trick

this box is proper addictive

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Awesome! Yeah, it’s truly amazing. I wanted one for years and finally managed to get one recently :slight_smile: