Gain boost needed for sampling iPad?

Trying to sample my iPad , which needs a gain boost. Is there anyway to boost it internally other than turning up the ILevel ? obviously I have iPad max, trying to sample from Korg Module app.

I’m assuming input a and b are both mono inputs ?

Are there two just for trigger signals or can they be made as a stereo pair ?
I’ve hunted in the manual, but it manages to say as little as possible about this unless you are using them as trigger inputs.

Would you typically just use input A for external sampling?

Thanks, Chris

Both A and B are mono audio inputs. They work just as well for triggers or audio input sampling. You cannot sample in stereo as all MD machines are mono. However, they are pannable, so if you want to put in the work, you can sample the left channel to one sample, the right channel to another, trim them precisely, then pan them both left and right, and finally use two tracks and place both trigs in the same place.

Your iPad should be loud enough - between it’s volume control and the gain on the md, your low-level problem might be somewhere else. Are you using balanced cables? That could be screwing with the stereo signal from the ipad - use a stereo 1/8" to two mono 1/4"unbalanced cables.


Yes I’m using TRS to TRS , that is prob the issue.

I’m not sure how to sum the stereo signal though. I could use an insert cable but then I will have to sample double mono and pan like you say.

There is no mono output option like on some Androids. I guess I can just sample patches that don’t rely on stereo info and use a TS cable, mmm.

Thank you.

Yea, only ‘mix’ stereo signals properly (not using just a cable - this is the problem yer having right now), or just use one side of it. In my experience, when it comes to sampling, stereo is often unnecessary. There is a reason the machine is mono, and it still works very well.

If you really need the stereo samples, then I would use a different machine. If you can however sort of get on the mono-train, the md still has quite a few tricks up its sleeve.

ps. I spoke sort of incorrectly earlier - don’t just use a single unbalanced cable, as the ipad is stereo out. You really need to use a stereo plug of some sort to get those two signals out, then process them how you wish (actual mixer, sampling two signals at once, or discarding one).

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I thought I would update as I think I stated iOS doesn’t have a mono out option, which is not true, I found you can make the output mono in accessibility options.

Should of been obvious really :facepalm:

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I’ve used these with some success, connecting stereo 1/8" TRS to 1/4" mono TS. I haven’t used it to sample an iPad into Machinedrum yet but I am currently using such a cable to run things like Pocket Operators and the OP-1 into the Monomachine as a mono input from their headphone outputs.